Learning, laughing, and loving my way through life, I've grown to be passionate about food. My favorite thing is to share a delicious meal with friends and family. I've always loved to cook, but only recently have I found myself looking up recipes in my free time and rushing home to prepare new meals in my tiny kitchen. Born and raised in the beautiful Bay Area, I was spoiled with good food. Living in close proximity to San Francisco, I became a fan of the city's succulent Dim Sum and fresh Mexican food. My mom always had our home stocked with the season's freshest fruits and an incredible selection of home-made and bought desserts. My dad kept a bountiful selection of dried fruits and nuts and taught me how to love and cook fish. In New York, I love exploring ethnic markets and trying new restaurants. This blog will share my own adventures with food and the wonderful meals prepared by friends and family.It will also document the delicious food in the restaurants and homes of people all over the world.