Question: how to neutalize too much cilantro

June 23, 2011
i put too much cilantro in ablack bean and corn salad and I'd like to know how to save the salad.


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You b
Could just increase the other ingredients if you had them. At least the corn and beans. Good luck!

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You could also add some lime juice and /or maybe grilled chiles. The other thing you could do is to take a portion of the salad- put it in a strainer, rinse it, drain it and re-toss it back into the salad.

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I would suggest adding a diced avocado, lime, and some diced tomatoes, and give it a guacamole twist. I have recently been doing this to end up with a lower-fat guacamole experience. bon appetit!

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You could try adding a handful of parsley as well as adding lime juice.

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This might sound weird, and it's way past when you posted this, but I had hummus mixed in with this at a restaurant in Boston once. Maybe that would help cut the cilantro a bit.