Question: German Style Cheese Cake - Kaese Kuhen

March 2, 2010
Could anyone tell me how to bake(make) a delicious German-Style Cheese Cake?


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I haven't made this myself, but now that you've asked the question I'm interested too. I found a couple of good posts on this, but the most important thing seems to be the inclusion of quark in the recipe!
and a nice apple one:

Hope that helps a bit!

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Hi Purplehousedirt... thank you very much. I do remember my mother-in-law used to use Quark in her cheese cake. I will check the sites above. Many Regards.. Kaye

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Do you still need help? I'm German and I know I have a delicious recipe for German Cheesecake in my cookbook at home.
And yes you are right. Quark is the main ingredient :-)