Question: how can i change a recipe from vegan to non-vegan

March 31, 2011
for example, one banana does that equal one egg. the recipe also calls for soy or almond milk, and i can use regular milk right?


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You can use regular milk. Not sure about the banana- it would depend on what you're cooking.

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thanks. i used regular milk but because i have no fat and i bit of buttermilk i did a bit of both. i am making vegan chocolate donut muffins, of course not vegan.

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ha ha ha chris actually i still used the bananas but at the last moment i added an egg. i think the banana is the change out for eggs but i wasn't sure. anyway they were delish. oops, that was supposed to be non fat milk not "no fat"

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Apple Sauce = Butter

(doesn't taste as good as butter, but you can use Apple Sauce in place of butter.)