Question: How Do You Do A Backyard Clambake?

December 30, 2009


Chris Paulk's picture

A typical clambake would be done at the beach. Typically you would dig a small pit and create a fire, then place several large stones in the fire. You would pile seaweed over the stones and pile clams, fish, crab or lobster, corn, potatoes and other foods onto the seaweed and bake them on heated stones.
You can dig a pit in your own backyard and do the same, or most people simply boil or steam all of these items together in a giant pot, adding spices and smokey sausages for more flavor. They are then strained and poured out in a pile onto table covered in butcher paper. Everyone at the table is given a mallet to crack the crab or lobster and the rest is eaten by hand. (no forks needed). This meal is best served outdoors.