Question: How do you correct a bitter citrus after-taste in a homemade worcestershire sauce?

May 31, 2011
We apparently added too much orange zest too early in the reduction process and now our Worcestershire sauce has a bitter after taste. We tried adding tomato paste to counteract the bitterness and this seemed to help but the sauce is still just not "right". Any suggestions beyond starting over? We would love to salvage this if possible.


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Not sure what recipe you're using- but try adding small amounts of molasses mixed with tamarind concentrate or pureed fig? The recipe I've used doesn't have orange zest.

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The answer is sugar in particular brown sugar.or you could some molasses .

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We do not use citrus in our homemade Worcestershire sauce. The prominent flavor should be that of tamarind..if you do use citrus and it is bitter make sure all the pith has been removed from the orange zest...just a little white pith on your zest can ruin a dish.