Question: Can You Make Limoncello with Agave Nectar?

June 30, 2010
Wondering if anyone has made a Meyer lemon limoncello with agave nectar before...?


Chris Paulk's picture

The Meyer lemons are a lot sweeter and in some ways 'less lemony". they have a slightly orange or tangerine flavor in there somewhere. I substituted them in my lemon poundcake recipe and was surprised at how different they are.
That being said- I would try them in limoncello- maybe a smaller batch the first time. All the recipes I've seen call for sugar and I think that it is more about the consistency that sugar would give it. Agave might keep it from getting syrupy like sugar does.

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Hello Chris!
Looks like I haven't gotten any replys regarding agave nectar and Meyer Lemon Limoncello! Three years, ha ha. I just posted up my recipe for Santa Cruz Meyer Lemon Limoncello. I made it with fine granulated sugar and it came out great!! The consistency is perfect. I will try the agave in a half batch and let you know what happens. Agave is twice as sweet as sugar so I may have to experiment with the quantity of agave. I have a Meyer Lemon tree and I'm always trying out recipes to use them in.
Cheers, Gina M Barone