Question: Explain Calamansi Wine?

February 22, 2010


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Wine making essentially involves the mixing of fruit juice and sugar and then adding yeast to convert the sugar to alcohol.

While wine is generally made from grapes, other juices can be used as the base. The reason grapes are the usual fruit of choice is because of their high sugar content. Alcohol is the by product of the action of yeast on sugar. Grapes contain enough natural sugars to allow full fermentation. When using the juices of other fruits sugar generally has to be added as the fruit generally does not contain sufficient natural sugar for full fermentation.

Here is a simple recipe and process for making cranberry wine. When my brother and I were making wine we found that cranberry wine was the best in terms of ease, taste and clarity. Grape wine was just as easy but it tended to retain a yeasty taste and tended to be somewhat cloudy. In both cases we used juices from the grocery store rather than the crushing of berries for juice.

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how to make a calamansi wine?

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