Question: Does anyone know how to make Dal Kalbi? (Korean Spicy Chicken?)

May 17, 2011
I had this in Korea, up north. It had chicken in red pepper paste, sweet potato, cabbage, and big rice noodles. I miss it and want to make it for my husband, he loved it when we were stationed there. Thank You



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DakGalBi is a spicy chicken stir fry with vegetables. Chunks of chicken are marinated briefly in a red pepper and garlic paste. Chunks of cabbage, green onions, sweet potato, rice cakes and sesame leaves are stir fried for several minutes. The chicken is added and the dish is cooked until the cabbage is soft. The result is a dish of juicy, spicy chicken and crisp vegetables combined in a fragrant chili-based sauce.

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Here's a recipe on Foodista:


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Thank You