Question: how do you make the colored pasta?

August 8, 2010
I know the the Orange kind is carrot flavored but how do you get the flavors in them


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Vegetable puree or juice works well. The green is usually spinach, and red is beet.

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I've done it two ways.
1. Cook the carrots of beets until soft enough to get a nice puree - and puree with your eggs. Spinach will usually puree with only a quick blanche. You want a nice smooth dough so pureeing works well.
2. I have also juiced beets or carrots and used just some of the juice (added a little more flour as necessary). stir this into the eggs for the best results.

The pasta dough recipe I use only calls for flour & eggs- so I adjust the flour to get the consistency I want.
You can also use about 2 Tbsp of tomato paste for a nice red pasta
or 2 tbsp black squid ink for a black pasta.