Tool: Springform Pan


A springform pan is a round, straight sided pan. It is a two-piece baking pan with a clamp on the side that releases the sides and the bottom part once the baking is complete.

Springform pans are a popular choice when making cheesecakes, because they "spring away" from the cake easily.


Other names: Springform Baking Pan
Translations: Springformパン, Springform Visos, سبرينغفورم عموم, Springform Pán, Moule à charnière, Springform 팬, Springform, Tortiera Pan, Tortownicy, Пан Springform, Springvorm, पैन, Springform פאן, Пан Springform, Springform潘, Springform pan, Спрингформ Пан, Springform Pa, Springform Пан



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