Tool: Herb and Spice Mill


An herb and spice mill, or grinder, is a device used to grind dry herbs and spices. They are generally manually operated, such as a pepper or salt grinder, though electric coffee grinders can also be used. The mill should be thoroughly cleaned when switching to a new spice to as not to alter the flavor of the spice you are grinding.


Other names: Greek Spice Mill, Greek Pepper Grinder, Herb Mill, Pepper Grinder, Spice Mill, Spice Grinder, Turkish Pepper Grinder, Burr Mill, Turkish Spice Mill
Translations: Herb un Spice Mill, Prieskoninės žolės ir prieskoniai Mill, Herb şi Mill Spice, Biljka i Spice Mill, Herb và Mill Spice, Mill ziół i przypraw, जड़ी बूटी और मसाला मिल, Herb e Spice Mill, Специями и травами Милл, Βοτάνων και μπαχαρικών Mill, عشب ومطحنة التوابل, 허브와 향신료의 밀, Byliny a koření Mill, Herb dan Spice Mill, Herb at Spice Mill, 药草和香料米尔, Herbes i espècies Molí, Zelišča in Spice Mill, Byliny a koreniny Mill, Herb e Mill Spice, הרב מיל ספייס, Ört-och Spice Mill, Биље и Спице Мил, ハーブとスパイスミル, Herb et moulin à épices, Herb og Spice Mill, Hierbas y especias Molino, Спеціями і травами Мілл, Yrtti-ja Spice Mill, Билки и подправки Mill



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