Tool: Bundt Cake Pan


A specialized pan used to bake Bundt cakes. This special pan shapes the cake into a distinctive ridged ring.


Other names: Bundt Pan
Translations: Tort bunt Pan, Bundt Torta Pan, Bundt Bánh Pan, Bundt Pan Cake, Bundt केक पैन, Bolo de Bundt Pan, Торт Bundt Пан, Bundt τούρτα Pan, [بوندت] حوض الكعكة عموم, Bundt 케이크 팬, Bundt keyk Pan, Bundt蛋糕盘, Cake Bundt Pan, Torto Pan, Bundt Cake Pán, Cake Pan Bundt, עוגת שמרים פאן, Бундт Колач пан, ブントケーキはパン, Gâteau Bundt Pan, Cake Bundt Pa, Торт Bundt Пан, Bundt за печене на кекс



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Flo's picture

Interesting - I never thought of my Guglhupf pan as being difficult to use - any more difficult than other pans with a funnel. The higher Guglhupf shape is more elegant than the plump Bundt with a big hole in the middle. The basic concept of a ring-shaped cake is widespread as it allows for a more even baking. The ceramic forms are not delicate - on the contrary and cast iron is rare. But enameled metal has been the standard for some 100 years and glass and silicone pans are available.

Anonymous's picture

Flo, can you tell me where a Guglhupf pan can be purchased - am having absolutely no success with googling - will appreciate any assistance you can give me. thanks.

Alex's picture

I want to make a recipe for a pound cake and it says to bake it in a bundt pan, which I don't have. Is there something different about the recipe where it HAS to be baked in that kind of pan, or will it turn out fine if I bake in in regular round cake pans?