Tool: Paella Pan


A large shallow pan with two handles on either side used to cook the traditional Spanish dish Paella. The pan can be placed directly on top of the stove or on a special cook stand.


Other names: Paellera
Translations: パエリアパン, Paelja Visos, نيجرو عموم, Paella Pán, Poêle à paella, 파에리아 팬, Paella-Pfanne, Paella פאן, Пан Паэлья, Paella pan, Paella पैन, Пан Паелья, 肉菜饭盘, Паелла Пан, Паеля Пан



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Casas Decomida's picture

paella with sea food, the real paella is chiken rabbit snails artichoks, that is a paella of marisco, even the rice doesn't look well done, the color is bad you need more zafran or yellow color, the sea food is better wiht the heads a lot of taste goes there, is to thick should be thiner, and the wine with that rice please, red wine, I really nightmare. ufffn the rice is not done it's okey al dente but here, who the hell did that stuff.