Tool: Roasting Pan


Heavy pan, usually wide with relatively low sides and handles on the end. Typically made of stainless steel, cast iron, or aluminum and used for oven roasting meats and vegetables. Shapes range from rectangular to oval. Sometime roasting pans have a rack insert placed on the bottom to allow eaven heating of foods and the collection of melting fat in the bottom.


Other names: Roaster, Roasting Dish, Baking Pan
Translations: Apdedzināšanas Pan, Skrudinimas Visos, Tava, Na roštilju Pan, Rang Pan, Pan pieczenia, Braadslee, बरस रही पैन, Assadeira, Жаровне, Σκάρα Pan, تحميص عموم, 구이 팬, Pekáč, Пржење Пан, Litson Pan, 烤盘, Pa Torrat, Praženje Pan, Pekáč, Torrefazione Pan, צלייה פאן, Långpanna, Memanggang Pan, 焙煎パン, Rôtissoire, Bräter, Bradepande, Steking Pan, Pan Tostado, Коминку, Paahtamalla Pan, Тава



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