Tool: Spear Point Paring Knife


A small knife with a spear point tip used to peel fruits and vegetables. It is a smaller version of the chef's knife and is perfect for any cutting that requires precise and delicate work.

A spear point paring knife is also great for deveining shrimp, sectioning an orange or lemon, or removing seeds from peppers.


Translations: Šķēpu Point atgriezumi nazis, Spear Point Paring peilis, Spear Punctul Paring cuţit, Koplje Point ljuštenje Nož, Spear điểm vỏ trái cây Knife, Pkt Spear Okrawki Knife, Spear Point mes, भाला चाकू छीलने प्वाइंट, Spear Point Aparas Knife, Спир Пойнт кожура нож, Δόρυ Point μαχαιράκι, الرمح نقطة التقشير السكين, 스피어 포인트 칼로 껍질 벗기기, Spear bod Odřezky nůž, Копље Поинт Љуштење Нож, Sibat Point pinagbalatan Knife, 斯皮尔点削皮刀, Llança Punt de Ganivet, Spear Point tanek nož, Spear bod Odrezky nôž, Spear Point Trucioli Knife, חנית פוינט סכין הקילוף, Spear Point Avklipp kniv, Tombak Point Paring Knife, スピアポイント果物ナイフ, Point Spear Couteau, Spear Point Schälmesser, Spear Point Afklip kniv, Spear Point liten kniv, Lanza Punto de Cuchillo, Спір Пойнт шкірка ніж, Spear Point leikkuu veitsi, Копие точка кастрене нож



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