Tool: Wooden Spoon


A kitchen hand tool made of wood. It is used for stirring, mixing, and serving food. Certain foods and recipes may call specifically for wooden spoons because of how metal may affect the food or for religious reasons. However, this is primarily a preference and not a requirement.


Translations: Koka Karote, Mediniu šaukštu, Lingura de lemn, Drewnianą łyżką, लकड़ी के चम्मच, Ξύλινο κουτάλι, ملعقة خشبية., 나무 스푼, Vařečka, Дрвеном варјачом, Kahoy na kutsara, 木勺子, Cuchara de madera, Leseno žlico, Vareška, כף מעץ, Träsked, Sendok kayu, 木製スプーン, Cullera de fusta, Puukauha, Дървена лъжица



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