Tool: Microwave


Usually a small oven similar in appearance to a toaster oven. Special tubes inside these ovens generate microwave radiation. This action creates heat inside the food and is therefore a useful tool in the cooking of declicious meals.


Translations: Mikroviļņu, Mikrobangų krosnelė, Cuptor cu microunde, Mikrovalna pećnica, Lò vi sóng, Kuchenka mikrofalowa, Magnetron, माइक्रोवेव, Microonda, СВЧ, Μικροκύματα, الميكروويف, 마이크 로파, Mikrovlnné trouby, 微波, Microones, Mikrovalovna pečica, Mikrovlnné rúry, Microonda, מיקרוגל, Mikrovågsugn, Микроталасни, 電子レンジ, Micro-onde, Mikrowelle, Mikroovn, Mikrobølgeovn, Microonda, СВЧ, Mikroaaltouuni, Микровълнова



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