Tool: Wine Pourer


A wine accessory that fits in the top of an opened wine bottle used to aid in pouring without dripping. Sometimes comes fitted with a stopper as well to prevent wine from spoiling. Made of metal, plastic and glass.


Other names: Wine Spout, Wine Pour Spout
Translations: Vīns Pourer, Vyno Pourer, Vin aparate de irigat, Vino Pourer, Rượu Pourer, Wina Maszyny do polewania, Wijn schenker, शराब Pourer, Vinho Pourer, Вино Pourer, Οίνος Pourer, النبيذ المدفق, 와인 Pourer, Víno odlévač, Anggur Pourer, 葡萄酒倒酒, Vi Poure, Vino zamašek, Víno odlievacej, Vino pourer, יין Pourer, Vin pipen, Вино Поурер, ワイン注ぎ口, Vin Pourer, Weinausgießer, Vin vinprop, Vin Pourer, Vino Pourer, Вино Pourer, Viini Pourer, Вино дозатора



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