Tool: Saucepan


Saucepans are cooking vessels with vertical sides about the same height as their diameter and generally have one long handle. They are used for simmering or boiling.


Other names: Sauce Pan
Translations: Kastrolis, Puodas, Cratiţă, Lonac za pirjanje, Cái soong, Rondel, Steelpan, सॉस पैन, Panela, Кастрюля, Κατσαρόλα, قدر, 소스 냄비, Pánev, Panci, Kasirola, 平底锅, Cassola, Ponev z dolgim ročajem, Panvica, Casseruola, סיר, Kastrull, Шерпа, 鍋, Casserole, Kochtopf, Kasserolle, Kasserolle, Cacerola, Каструля, Kasari, Тенджера



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