Tool: Ice Cream Machine


A small appliance used to make ice cream at home and in smaller quantities.
There are several kinds of ice cream machines available, everything from hand-cranked that use rock salt, to electric versions that use a pre-frozen tub.


Other names: Ice Cream Maker, Ice Cream Freezer, in French:sorbetiere
Translations: アイスクリームマシン, Ledų gamybos mašinos, البوظه الآلة, Sladoled Machine, Eiscreme-Maschine, Мороженое машины, 아이스크림 기계, आइसक्रीम मशीन, Морозиво машини, 冰淇淋机, Glassmaskin, Сладолед машина, Сладолед машина



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