The Fighting Amish

May 26, 2011

The Amish Farmer, who was the target of an FDA sting operation over raw milk is fighting back, and will have strong representation in court. Dan Allyger's case is a symptom of a larger problem, as the FDA has expanded powers due to the Food Safety and Modernization Act passed earlier this year. More small farms are becoming the target of the FDA, and many believe it is an abuse of power. 

"Dan Allgyer, an Amish farmer from Kinzers, Pennsylvania has become an “enemy of the state”- Not because he is a violent man; not because he performs acts that threaten the lives or property of others; not because he is involved in some plot to overthrow the government; but because he dared to sell unpasteurized milk." There have been no reports of anyone getting sick from Dan's milk, and many citizens believe that we have the right to choose what we put in our body. As some point out, cigarettes and alcohol are legal, and are meant to be used at each person's discretion. 

The absurdity is that humans have been consuming raw milk for thousands of years, and even the very founders of this country drank it!

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Angie's picture

GOOD for this man!!! WE should have the freedom to choose what we feel is best for our families and our bodies...the benefits of unpasturized milk are way more than what we have been lead to beleive!!! lets get back to basics!!!!!

Aaron's picture

go Dan go!