Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher

July 16, 2011

Gwen Olsen was a successful pharmaceutical sales rep for 15 years, and now she is on a new mission to stop the over-medication of children. Gwen shares a deeply personal story which led her to change her point of view about prescription drugs.

This is an important story, because many people just don't realize how dangerous some of these drug cocktails are. There may be cases where medications are needed, but certainly young kids don't need to be on six or seven separate pills.

From my experience as a nutritionist and my personal story, I can say that in many cases changing the diet will make a huge impact on brain function. Even if a doctor determines meds are needed, they rarely mentions that HFCS, dyes, sugar, gluten, and other food additives are linked to behavioral problems.

As Gwen states, some of these children are given the equivalent of a chemical straight jacket, and I believe it's time for this madness to stop! Gwen's book is called Confessions of an Rx Pusher.

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Susanne Buskell's picture

Dear Gwen, Thank you for coming forward as you have...about a year ago I was given an anti-depressant (I can't remember the name of it at the moment, but will send it to you at a later date) on holiday now so not home. I was on this drug for only 4 days...I became paranoid, and began experiencing muscle twitches in my left shoulder...I took myself off the drug, but the twitching or creepy crawly feeling continued for many months. I decided to do more research on what might be a more natural solution to my depression, and found that if I took 1000 mg of vitamin D3 twice daily, as well as Complex B vitamins,I was fine. I will NEVER ask for or take another anti-depressant....the only side affect from the D3 is that I'm more balanced and happier. Please keep educating people. I am soooo sorry for the loss of your beautiful niece...that was a terrible tragedy. God bless you as you continue to fight for right. I will be looking for your book as soon as possible. Sincerely, Susanne

shoshanna levy's picture

Hi Susanne, Just so you know, Gwen isn't directly connected to this post. I was inspired by her story, and I'm on a mission to educate people about their health/diet/meds etc. I felt it was important that as many people hear Gwen's story as possible. Perhaps you can contact her through her website. I'm sure she'd love to hear from you. Shoshanna