Celiac Saturday: Tarts & Galettes

July 30, 2011

Tarts, defined as an open-topped dish consisting of a pastry shortcrust filled with <blank>, can be sweet or savory and are perfect for summer! With a good pie crust recipe at the ready, the options are limitless -- and half the hassle of a double-crusted pie! Like tarts, galettes (pictured above) are rustric, open faced pies - again, either sweet or savory - where a pie crust is laid down free form, filled, and the edges folded up halfway to form a simple, elegant dish. Perfect for summer fruits and veggies, tarts and galettes are incredibly easy to assemble and made for sharing! Here are a few of my favorite recipes for these very versatile dishes -- all gluten free!

White Nectarine and Pineapple Sage Galette
Ready in an hour (including 30 minutes of chill-time!) this herb-infused galette is a symbol of summertime.

Almond Plum Tart
A perfect end-of-summer treat, just substitute your favorite gluten free flour blend for the AP flour in this recipe!

Heirloom Tomato and Goat Cheese Galette
The ideal savory galette featuring sweet sun-ripened tomatoes, salty goat cheese and a down-and-dirty quinoa crust.

Chocolate Lavender Tarts
Do I even need to say it? YUM!

Grapefruit Curd Tartelettes
Mini-tarts filled with creamy-citrusy goodness - great on a hot summer day.

Sweet Tomato and Cream Cheese Tart
Using sweet tomato (or any!) jam and a delicious cream cheese filling, this tart is summer in a crust.

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