The Magic of Turmeric

August 15, 2011

That bright orange spice most commonly found in curry, also happens to be a very powerful medicinal herb. Turmeric is filled with volatile oils, antioxidants, minerals, and other compounds that are beneficial for inflammation, detoxification, healthy cholesterol levels, and overall wellness. 

Dr. Mercola explains the importance of antioxidants and why turmeric is so healing.

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chidima's picture

Is tumeric also known as ginger? I av tried looking for tumeric in Nigeria n keep getting weird response. Cos if ts also known as ginger den I might as well jst ask for ginger.

Shoshanna Levy's picture

No , they are in the same family and they even look similar. They both have many medicinal properties, but they are different. Turmeric is typically bright orange. It's the base of most Indian curries and can also be found in supplement form.