5 Best Vegan Banana Bread Recipes

August 28, 2011

One of my favorite types of breads, banana bread is a food bursting with nostalgia. Packed with natural fiber and potassium, whole grains and nuts, banana bread makes a tasty breakfast, afternoon snack, or healthy dessert idea. Whoever said vegan baking is complicated or tasteless hasn't tried these 5 recipes! From decadent chocolate chips to tropical mango chunks, there's a recipe here for everyone!

Classic Banana Walnut Bread
An ultimate comfort food, with your choice of rice, almond or soy milk!

Hazelnut Banana Bread
A little bit of a twist on this favorite.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread
My favorite version! Be sure to use dairy free chocolate chips (like Enjoy Life).

Mango Banana Bread
A tropical twist on this comforting classic.

Whole Grain Banana Bread
With flax and whole wheat flour, this recipe is pretty darn healthy!

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Thank you for including my Vegan banana bread recipe.