Del Monte Suing FDA over Salmonella Melons

September 1, 2011

I don't usually find myself siding with the FDA, but I do agree with their decision to halt the import of melons potentially contaminated with salmonella. Apparently, Del Monte Foods does not agree with the the FDA, and they are now suing them on the claim that there is a lack of genetic evidence. 

This is a slippery slope. “If this case is successful from an industry perspective, it will change the attitude of regulators. They will obviously be more reluctant,” food safety consultant and former FDA assistant commissioner David Acheson says.

This is a scary thought considering the huge amount of toxic foods that already are allowed into our country.

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Stephen Barraclough's picture

I visited a 'tented farm' in Spain. It was irrigated entirely by barely cleaned waste-water from the nearby holiday complex and district. The water supply carried the notice 'Do Not Drink'! Stangely, I haven't fancied melon since..