Rosh Hashanah - 5 Gluten Free Recipes To Try

September 17, 2011

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year celebration, falls on the last weekend of September this year. Following the lunar Jewish calendar rather than Gregorian, Rosh Hashanah (literally Head of the Year) falls on the 1st of Tishrei each year, migrating between September 5th & 30th. This two-day celebration begins this year at sundown on September 28th (Erev Rosh Hashanah) and lasts until Shabat begins at sundown on the 30th. One of the many Rosh Hashanah traditions is to eat apples and honey - a symbol of our hope for a "sweet" new year - and while dipping apples in honey is the most simple snack, here are a few other ideas - all gluten free! - to help you plan ahead for your holiday baking. L'shanah tova! (Happy New Year!)

Fresh Pasta Filled with Apples, Honey & Roquefort
This simple pasta dish combines three classic flavors of autumn and Rosh Hashanah's signature combination of apples and honey. For homemade gluten free pasta, this is my favorite recipe.

Dairy Free Honey Cake
Gluten free & dairy free, this simple honey cake is a traditional Rosh Hashanah treat.

Apples with Honey & Creme Fraiche
An elegant twist on the classic honey-dipped apples - yum!

Apple, Honey & Goat Cheese Tartlettes
Be sure to use your favorite gluten free pie crust for this sweet-savory treat!

Spiced Honey Cake with Caramelized Apples
One of my favorite spice cake recipes! I just substitute Jules GF flour blend (cup for cup) for the AP in this recipe and we're ready to go!

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