Green Bay Packers' Jarius Wynn Shares His In-Season Diet

September 23, 2011

Jarius Wynn, a defensive end for the Green Bay Packers, recently shared his in-season diet with CNN Eatocracy. So what does a 285-pound NFL player eat before a game? The day before, Wynn says, "[I eat] something light like pasta or fish. Carbs for energy. I try not to eat too much. I drink lots of water -- about five or six bottles."

On game day, Wynn eats with his teammates about three and a half hours before the game. "We have pasta, grilled chicken, maybe a piece of salmon, green beans and a banana," he said. "Also, water or sports drink." While he's in season, he stays away from caffeine and fried foods, but he does allow himself a cheat day on Tuesdays.

During the offseason, Wynn's diet isn't as strictly governed. He takes a three-week diet vacation in which he eats soul food and other cuisine before getting back on track. Read the rest of the interview here.

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