James Martin Says Kids Should Learn How to Cook in School

September 25, 2011

Celebrity chef James Martin has said that kids should be learning how to cook in school. Martin was at the Isle of Man Food Festival today, and said if children don't learn basic culinary skills in school, they will turn to junk and fast food instead. 

"If you don't cook as a parent or certainly as a young adult you're not going to pass that on to the next generation and there will be that generation gap. We've had that because cookery is not taught in schools," Martin said. "I think it is vitally important - but you can't lecture people on one hand about obesity and tell them to stop eating McDonalds when you actually don't give them any opportunity to learn how to cook when they are a kid – so what do you think they are going to do?"

Do you think healthy cooking should be a mandatory part of school curriculum?

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Debbie Spear's picture

I definately agree.I think it should be a mandatory part of school curriculum.