How to Make Flour Tortillas: A Video

October 8, 2011

Flour tortillas have become a staple in American homes.  Whether it's to make a quick quesadilla or a wrap for lunch, it's always good to have some on hand.  You can always go to the store and buy a pack but the flavor of fresh homemade tortillas just doesn't compare.  Learn how to make them at home by watching this video.

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Katrina's picture

Is the secret using veg shortening?? Can butter be used in it's place or does that give a totally different sort of texure???

Leah Rodrigues's picture

Traditionally lard or manteca  is used to make tortillas.  Since shortening and lard are similar in texture it is a better replacement then butter.

WGC's picture

I hardly ever use flour tortillas. Is there an equally helpful video for corn tortillas?

Leah Rodrigues's picture

Great question, click on this">">link to check out a previous post I did on corn tortillas.  Hope it helps!