Man Leaves $1 Million in Australian Cafe

November 25, 2011

Australian police have made an arrest in a bizarre case where a man left a suitcase containing $1 million in an Sydney cafe. Owners first spotted the abandoned suitcase and thought it was a bomb. They left it outside the restaurant, called police and watched as the bizarre package was unzipped. 

A man in his 30s and Asian was suspected of leaving the suitcase. It's unclear who the money belongs to or why it was left in the cafe. 

"It was a lot of stress for [the owners] all day," a nearby worker said. "Obviously this doesn't happen all the time."

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Why would you arrest someone just because they have a lot of cash? Is it illegal to carry cash in Australia? I can hear the conversation now, "you're under arrest for carrying cash" lol... What exactly are the charges? Did someone report a theft? Lame and incomplete article.