Wendy's Could Become Number 2 Burger Chain

November 30, 2011

Spurred by redesigned restaurants and a focus on quality foods, Wendy's appears poised to flip spots with Burger King as the number 2 fast food burger chain. At the beginning of 2010, Burger King enjoyed roughly 13.3 percent of fast food sales while Wendy's trailed with 12.8 percent. That looks like it will change. 

"We expect Wendy's to overtake privately-held Burger King for the number-two market-share position within the limited-service hamburger sector, perhaps as soon as this year," Mark Kalinowski, an analyst with Janney Capital Markets, wrote in his report. 

Wendy's has been aggressively marketing itself as an alternative to McDonald's. The Golden Arches remain the undisputed king of burgers with nearly 50 percent of the market. 

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