Best New Year's Day Bloody Mary in America? I think so.

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January 1, 2012

Is Hoosier Momma the best Bloody Mary mix in America?  I think so.  Is it the blast of celery?  The creamy smooth, yet robust texture of the tomatoes, a quick tang of citrus juices and the spike of hot peppers?  What about the fact that Hoosier Momma is vegan, gluten free and all natural? 

Less important to me, but more important to those of us who pay attention to these things.

I'm thrilled, no, let me say honored to have had the opportunity to start my new year off with a robust Bloody Mary, made with Bluewater (USDA Certified Organic) Vodka from Colorado and a thick and creamy slurp of the BEST Bloody Mary mix I have ever enjoyed.

Why Bluewater Vodka?  Because it is amongst the best Bloody Mary vodkas on my bar.  Sure, I like Bluewater straight up.. It has a unique flavor profile.  Part of the trouble of writing about spirits is that simple fact that everything on the bar is of the highest quality.  It's really hard to choose one over the other!

No hangover here this morning.  It's January the FIRST... New Year's Day...  I have no hang-over to contend with.  I can taste the flavor profile of Hoosier Momma.  Each of the ingredients stands out without the palate driven-nightmare of "last night's party" getting in the way of my taste buds. 

I took a healthy splash of the Bluewater Vodka- maybe a bit more than my usual- and added it to a hand-blown glass filled with ice.  Then opened the distinctively handsome jar of Hoosier Momma.  Thick, rich and aromatic.  Each aroma that rises from the jar is redolent of peppers, onions, citrus fruits and a hint of the Far East.  That would be the wheat free Tamari sauce speaking to me.  I'm going to make another one.

If you clicked on January the First- you'll know by now why I am having another.  Cheers to you and yours! 

Happy New Year!

Photo: Warren Bobrow- Leica M8, Summicron 50mm F2 (Digital)






Bill Adams's picture

I always love Warren's reviews, but this one makes me thirsty! Happy New Year to all...

Bennye Taylor's picture

What an awesome article, you are the MAN ! Can't wait to try the drink :)`~~Happy New Years~~