What The - Fermented Food

January 5, 2012

With such a wide variety of foods on our grocery shelves, it is no wonder that we think our palates are quite worldly. What many may not realize, is that the foods we already have available locally, can be turned into new foods - by fermenting them. I like to say that fermenting is simply food decay - with style.

For some reason, fermented foods have not been a part of our American diet, the way it has been in other cultures. In fact, fermenting has a strong appearance in many other lands; fermented milk, butter, cheese of course, vegetables, fruits and starters for baking, all play a significant roll in the nutritional resources of people around the world. 

Not that Americans don't like a crusty Sourdough bread, or Sauerkraut, however. If you would like to see some examples of fermented foods and how to use them, check out some of these recipes and blogs from the Foodista Files:

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Quest Bulgaria's picture

Nicely put decay food with style! I love sauerkraut and yogurt and believe I am healthier for eating these products.