ABC's "What Would You Do" Bashes Vegans

February 9, 2012

The upcoming episode of ABC's What Would You Do? with host John Quiñones bashes vegans.  The show's premise is to record the reactions of bystanders' to a controversial situation.  The newest episode is filmed at Mason Jar Grill in New Jersey.  A couple is attempting to persuade a vegan mother to feed her vegan daughter meat (all participants in this scene are actors).  The intervening couple scolds the mother, saying, “Everyone eats hamburgers, it’s un-American not to eat meat” and “It’s really a form of child abuse.”  They even order a hot dog for the daughter while her mother is in the restroom.  When the episode airs, viewers will see whether or not the bystanders step in or ignore the situation.  Watch the drama unfold on ABC Friday, Feb. 10, at 9 EST.

What do you think?  Is a vegan diet a healthy one for children? Or should children eat both meat an dairy?  Let us know in the comment section.


Here is a sneak preview.

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