Wilver's Demise (Brilliance for Hot Weather)

April 17, 2012

Wilver's Demise is a lovely little cocktail that is quite refreshing on a hot afternoon.  Wilver's Demise can be your demise if you are not careful.  This drink, like many in my stable of liquid driven charmers references the power of lightning and the swoop of thunder if you forget the Golden Rule. 

Never more than four lest you experience Wilver's Demise.

Yesterday we exceeded 90 degrees here in New Jersey.  Quite the shock to the system. 

I keep many different bottles of liquor close at hand in various places in the house, depending on the seasonality of the product and temperature of the room. 

The house is not air conditioned, so I like to keep a couple of bottles of Absinthe at the ready- chilling until needed!

There are several bottles of liquor, from digestives to full-blown mind erasers in the fridge, along with a smattering of simple syrups and bitters. 

I must say that several sections of the fridge have given themselves up to the art of the mixed cocktail. 

At least how I see it in my own blurry way.

Much complaining in the background???

Absinthe is a marvelous drink for hot weather. I first tasted it in Aix, in France.  The summer air is bone dry, the heat ever present and the drinks flow like the animated conversations that surround the historic town center. 

That means very easily. 

Pastis is served- but I wanted something stronger- something with a memory, a kick.  Absinthe is this kick. 

At the time that I was traveling in France, it was impossible to buy Absinthe in the USA.  So my desire for strong drink was sated.  A glass of Absinthe with a 4:1 ratio to start.  The next one a 3:1 ratio.  I should have stuck with a 5:1 ratio.  BZZZZZ in that hot sun!

For this cocktail I would hope you are able to find at least one of these marvelous brands of Absinthe.  They are all unique so experiment until you find the one you like the most.  I included a simple syrup, not yet to the market, but soon it will be- and of course cocktail bitters- where this is going nobody knows. 

I will tell you for certain that Wilver in all his wisdom forgot to tell me not to enjoy more than four of these drinks. 

They might be called the suffering Wilver. 

Yet one or two Wilver's Demise seems to work rather well.


Wilver's Demise


Your choice: Tenneyson, Lucid, St. George, Amerique 1912, Nouvelle-Orléans.

It's up to you on the Absinthe

Royal Rose Strawberry Fennel Simple Syrup (Available soon!)

Bitter End Thai Bitters

Almond Water Ice (Almond water available from Victoria's Kitchen)

Freshly Drawn Seltzer Water from the Penguin (available at Williams-Sonoma stores)


Add a couple of large Almond Water ice cubes to some Rocks glasses

To each glass add about two tablespoons of the Royal Rose Syrup

Add 1.5 shots of Absinthe in each cocktail glass

Top with freshly drawn seltzer water

Drop exactly 3 drops of Bitter End Thai Bitters into the top of your drink.

Mix lightly and use a straw to bring the sweet syrup up from the bottom of your glass

As the Almond Water ice melts, the magic begins!


Danger Level #5 out of 5 








Deanna's picture

Over 90 degrees in April? This Seattle girl would need 5 Wilver's Demise in that kind of weather! Okay, so maybe that would have nothing to do with the weather. This just sounds so delicious.It's 50 degrees today. Bring it on.