A Dessert Wine You Could Pour Over Pancakes

May 12, 2012

No offense to maple syrup, but there are some dessert wines so sweet and unctuous that a common way to describe them after tasting is to say, "I could pour that over my pancakes." The sweet wines produced in the Rutherglen area of Victoria in Australia come immediately to mind. Look for Muscat from producers like Campbells. And though I half-jest about replacing your maple syrup with this decadently rich, sweet wine, I will also concede that the flavors of raisin and toffee in your glass will also pair nicely with the deepest and darkest of chocolates. And I am intrigued by the suggestion to pair this wine with blue cheese or aged cheddar.

Maybe I'll try that after I finish these Banana Chocolate Chip Pancakes. Have a glass this sweet Muscat on the side or on top!

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