Bill Clinton Supports the NYC Soda Ban

June 3, 2012

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently announced plans to implement a city-wide ban on super-sized soda drinks. Former US president Bill Clinton is showing his full support. 

"I think he's doing the right thing," Clinton said during an appearance on CNN's Piers Morgan. "And let me explain why: We worked in 14,000 schools, trying to help improve the school lunch offerings and what's in the vending machines. We got voluntary agreement from all the soft-drinks people to [pull full-calorie soft drinks from schools in 2006]. It has reduced by 88%, the total calories going to kids in vending machines and cafeterias."

Clinton, who recently lost weight after going on a vegan diet, added that part of his support for the ban comes from the heightened risk of diabetes in children. 

"We've got this explosion of diabetes in America among young people. For the first time, Type II Diabetes is showing up in 9-year-olds and among the Baby Boomers who are retiring. It is a terrible human tragedy and, it's basically too much sugar going into the body, we can't process it all."

What do you think of Bloomberg's efforts to ban large-sized soda drinks in NYC? 

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