Office-Wide Juice Cleanses Are on the Rise

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August 5, 2012

Office-wide juice cleanses are on the rise for team-building purposes. Cleanses, which are essentially all-liquid diets, have increased over the last year. Eric Helms, co-founder of Cooler Cleanse (his other co-founder is Salma Hayek), says "Everyone knows someone who's done one, and they realize they're a lot easier to do with colleagues during the workweek. People want to indulge on weekends."

Would you do a juice cleanse with your coworkers? It seems to be a lot healthier and a wiser choice than accidentally serving pot brownies to the office.

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sarahph's picture

my office mates and i just did a blueprint cleanse. i really loved having the encouragement of my colleagues, and it definitely made it fun! all the juices were delicious (pineapple apple mint was my favorite!) and blueprint offered a nice discount for our group! i highly recommend blueprintcleanse - the program was easy to follow, and afterwards we all felt great!!! we are already planning one for the holiday season!!!