Tom Daley's Diet Helped Make Him an Olympic Champion

August 13, 2012

Tom Daley changed his diet just before the London 2012 Games and says it helped him win his bronze medal for diving. Daley's coach, Alexei Evangulov, encouraged him to eat healthier. 

"At the beginning of the year he was saying I was fat. When you get to a certain age, you can't get away with eating like a growing kind," the 18-year-old athlete said. "It got to the stage where I just needed to cut out the sweets, cut out the not so good stuff, and then cut down a little bit on portion size so that I got down to my fighting weight." 

Daley admits his ultimate weakness is ice cream. 

"I love ice cream just generally, any flavor, I used to have one every weekend, so that's the main thing I had to cut out," he said. "It worked for me. I was glad I did it." 

Daley lost more than 15 pounds on his new diet, but is excited to take a break from the training and "eat what I like!" 

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