50 Cent Talks 'Formula 50' Diet and Fitness Book

January 16, 2013

50 Cent has just released his very own fitness and diet book called Formula 50. In the book, the rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, outlines how you can transform your body in just 6 weeks. 50 says it is all about following a high protein diet and metabolic resistance training. 

He co-wrote the book with health journalist Jeff O'Connell and designed the workout plans with Joe Dowdell, the founder of Peak Performance gyms. Formula 50 outlines plans for both men and men and 50 Cent promises it will have you "looking and feeling a lot better." 

"You might legitimately ask, 'Who are you to preach about fitness? Aren't you the guy who dropped joints like 'High All the Time?' Hardly seems like a fitness anthem,'" he said. "I don't drink and I don't use drugs, and I didn't back then, either. I put that joint on the first record because I saw artists consistently selling 500,000 with that content but I now realize it can serve a higher purpose: helping others."

Formula 50 is now available. 


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