5 Tofu Tips from Chef Jet Tila

April 18, 2013

To celebrate National Soy Foods Month, Chef Jet Tila shares 5 tofu tips with Foodista readers.  Tofu is a versatile ingredients that can be used in several different ways in the kitchen.  It goes beyond stir-fries and miso soup (even though it is delicious in both).

Tofu “Mayonnaise” – Silken tofu has a creamy custardy texture making it the perfect vegan and lactose-free replacement for regular mayonnaise

Non-dairy Substitute– Silken tofu can also be used as a substitute in pudding mixes as well as for non-dairy applications

Tofu Stir Fry– Firm tofu makes a great crispy protein. To add to sautés or stir-frys, simply cut into cubes, and add to the mixture toss into corn starch and deep fry at 350 degrees until golden brown. For a softer texture, add raw tofu to vegetable dishes. (Video recipe of Jet’s Green Beans with Tofu)

Tofu Sandwich – Tofu also makes a great centerpiece for sandwiches. Slice lengthwise into patties, marinate in teriyaki sauce, and bake at 350 degrees until firm then add into your favorite sandwich.

Baked Tofu Salad – Baked tofu can be found in your deli section in a selection of flavors such as five spice, teriyaki and lemon pepper. For a twist on the classic chicken or tuna salad; toss some baked tofu with your favorite mayonnaise or spread with diced celery and seasoning.

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