5 Camp Mini Muffins - Which One Would You Choose

August 28, 2013

This Friday is coming up quickly, and I have a crew of 7 campers who need sustenance for three days. Right now, I am experimenting with mini muffins. 

You may wonder why the mini? Camping is all about snacks. Everyone needs to grab and go explore, not to mention the two hour trip to get to the campsite. These are both reasons to have a handheld snack that is fairly neat to eat.  Mini muffins are the perfect answer! 

Here are some delicious mini muffin recipes from Foodista readers. Have you added your favorite to the recipe files? 

Gingersnap Mini Muffins

Pecan Mini Muffins

Snickerdoodle Mini Muffins

Banana Toffee Chip Mini Muffins

Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins





Carol Peer's picture

any kind of dessert muffin works at my house. Our favorite is banana chocolate chip. I make them in regular muffin tins as well as < a href= "http://stainlesspotsandpans.com/category/stainless-steel-bakeware/">mini muffin tins</a>. Looking forward to trying the Pecan Mini Muffins.