Gordon Ramsay Lost 30 Pounds for Triathlon

October 22, 2013

Gordon Ramsay has shed 30 pounds in preparation for a triathlon he took part in earlier this month. He says it's often hard to keep track of his diet since his job calls for constant eating. 

"It's difficult as a chef -- you've got to taste things," Ramsay told Triathlete magazine. He added that he now feels as though he looks like an "asparagus." 

Ramsay managed to lose the weight by removing dairy from his diet and sticking to protein-rich meals that included fish or chicken. His training included 70-mile bike rides and 25-mile runs. 

It seems the diet and training did their job, since Ramsay completed the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. In just over 14 hours, Ramsay swam 2.4 miles, biked for 112 miles and ran for 26.2 miles. 

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