Indispensable Ingredients to Build Your Barbecue Pantry

June 13, 2014

If you have all the necessary barbecue tools and a snazzy apron, the last step in building your summertime barbecue arsenal is getting the right ingredients.  A dish is only as delicious as the ingredients used.  If you start with top notch goods, your food will be too.

Hot sauce

Hot sauce adds a kick of flavor and heat to your barbecue dishes.  You can use it in a marinade or add it to a sauce.  I like pumpkin hot sauce because the sweetness of the squash balances the heat from the chile peppers.

Barbecue Sauce

I will always recommend to make your own sauce whenever possible but sometimes there are time constraints and it's just not in the cards.  Keep a bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce on hand when you're in need for a quick meal.

Dry Rub

If nothing else, invest in a good dry rub.  Whether you buy all the spices individually to make a homemade blend or buy your favorite brand, a dry rub is going to give your food the most flavor.  I like to keep a variety of dry rubs on hand to use on different meats.


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