How To Marinate Chicken

August 10, 2014

With all the summer grilling going on, it takes a special touch to make sure that every dinner tastes great. Chicken breast is particularly tricky because it doesn't have any fat or usually skin to protect each piece from being dried out. There is nothing worse than all that work just to end up with inedible food on the plate. 

There are tips to making chicken juicy and perfect. It all starts with a technique called marinating. Marinating is easy to do and works beautifully for all meats. Once they are marinated, additional coatings can be added. It's the secret to amazing barbecue chicken. Marinating is the answer for less expensive cuts as well. There are many ingredients to use and all bring a specific flavor profile to the recipe. A basic mix starts with salt/sweetener/liquid. Check out this video about marinating chicken breast. 

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