DIY Easy Eggless Mayo

July 5, 2011

homemade mayonnaise

Eggless mayo? Is that some kind of joke? I swear, it's legit! While there are several commercial vegan mayonnaise alternatives available these days (like Vegenaise, made from grapeseed oil), I'm rather partial to making things from scratch as much as possible! This eggless mayonnaise recipe uses silken tofu instead of oil, making it just as protein-rich as regular mayo but much lower in fat, perfect for sandwiches and salads!

Eggless Mayonnaise on FoodistaEggless Mayonnaise

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Suzanne's picture

Am i missing where you get the DIY recipe for this from?

Suzanne's picture

Never mind...found it...

Annie's picture

I'm very allergic to soy! Hopefully there's an alternative somewhere.....