Obama Becomes a GMO Cheerleader

July 25, 2011

The current Whitehouse has entered into an agreement with the biotech industry, which will remove barriers that prevent the spread of genetically engineered plants. The goal is to boost exports, but at what cost?

Until now, wildlife refuges were protected from GMO crops, but there is now pressure for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service to abandon it's policy of no GMOs in these protected areas.

Thankfully, the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) are suing the State Department to force the release of documents detailing the White House biotech partnership.

With all the environmental challenges facing this country, why is the White House priority putting wildlife refuges under the thumb of Monsanto?” asked PEER Staff Counsel Kathryn Douglass, who filed today’s Freedom of Information Act suits.

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Del Williams's picture

I think you'd better do a little more checking on this. To attribute this to the Obama Administration is misleading. There is an ongoing struggle with those corporations who have managed to have these crops planted on this land that predates the current administration. We all know who ADM and Monsanto are and they are no pro-Dem. Furthermore, the only way the current administration has found to combat these aggressive moves by gmo manufacturers is to 'welcome' lawsuits so that these issues can be resolved in the courts. Attorney Douglass should know better than to focus who is at fault on anyone except Monsanto and those Republicans who are willing to give that corporation carte blanche to destroy our food system.