Thrifty Thursday: White Bean Chicken Chili

October 20, 2011

Chili is a true champion of Thrifty Thursday. Not only is it economical, but it's the ultimate one pot dish.

Throw in some seasonal greens or broccoli to turn this hearty dish into a nutrient powerhouse.

1 pound dry white Northern beans
1 pound of cooked chicken (cut up in bite-sized pieces or ground)
1 medium yellow or white onion –medium dice
2 mediums stalks celery – dice
1 large carrot –medium dice
4 cloves (4 tbsp) minced/crushed garlic
4 cups to 6 of chicken stock (depending on how thick you want your chili)
1 cup to 1-½ chicken gravy (either leftover or canned/bottled)
1 yellow or orange bell pepper –medium dice
1 small can of diced chilis
(Optional if you like it spicier -1 can of diced jalepeno peppers)

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sounds great for a cold day!

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